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Gabba Gearboxes provides services to:

  • Mechanical workshops
  • Private business
  • Corporate customers
  • Private customers
  • Motor Dealerships
  • Insurance Companies

Differential spider gears

Differential cup & cone carrier bearing

Differential spider gears

Crown wheel & pinion


Gabba Gearboxes are recognised differential reconditioners in Brisbane with expertise in technical and professional knowledge in reconditioned diffs and/or diff repairs of all 2WD diffs, 4WD diffs, AWD diffs, light truck diffs and medium truck diffs.

Our services consist of:

  • A diagnostic and quote service
  • We do not proceed without your express consent
  • The use of quality components during the reconditioning of your differential (bearings, seals, planetary & spider gears and collapse able spacer)


Differential Open view:


Differential Limited slip

Differential hemisphere open view

Differential open view

Differential open view with air locker



Once work has been approved, our diff specialist proceeds with the recommended differential reconditioning or differential repairs to your front wheel drive diff, rear wheel drive diff, four wheel drive differentials, all wheel drive differentials and truck differential.

Upon diagnoses of the differential centre, by our qualified repairers, it is assessed to ensure that the differential hemisphere can be set up correctly. This usually encompasses having the crown wheel and pinion lapped so as to achieve a good mark (contact between the crown wheel and pinion teeth) with the correct amount of backlash in line with manufacturer’s specifications.

Differential showing Crown wheel and pinion in differential centre with hemisphere:




Gabba Gearboxes recommends that the crown wheel and pinion be lapped to eliminate any period noise (a humming noise usually 80 kph and above).

Our work plan is to recondition your differential and have your vehicle returned with minimal down time (which is normally 2 days, subject to parts availability).

When your differential is reconditioned by our diff specialist at Gabba Gearboxes we provide our customers with the service and a written warranty where applicable.

Our team is fully experienced in diff reconditioning and/or diff repairs to limited slip and open hemisphere differentials and the installation of air lockers in 4WD differentials.